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Disruption (a true story)

The retirement industry has a long-standing tradition of using powerfully evocative stories -- a man planting a tree every day, a blind doctor at work -- to sell their products.

 Once viewers have wiped away the tears they might wonder: What do gardening and medicine have to do with these businesses?

Nothing at all really, but these stories and the emotions they churn up are a great distraction from the fact that the industry at large charges a fortune for under-performing products.

The retirement savings industry charges an average of three percent in fees. 10X Investments charges less than one percent before VAT. Paying two percent more may not sound like much but, compounded over 40 years, it can eat away 40 percent or more of your savings.

In 10X’s new video, the company’s founder and CEO, Steven Nathan, focuses on facts. The no-frills, no-nonsense video also lays down a challenge from the industry disruptor to the rest of the industry.

Watch the video to see how powerful a punch the plain truth packs: